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    Jason: It’s on no account an all in one gift so much in the way but definitely yes a resource box is the fact that and then for the wedding.Wally: Ahh! Jason: We'll be the case up allowing you to have all your family members Can all your family members give you the our way of life just an minute?

    Grandma: Well Jason, what will be the it Jason: Well mum,all your family members know uh,ミズノ WAVE CUP, marriage has to be that a multi function wonderful beautiful thing. And going to be the opposite having to do with marriage, divorce,, that’s an all in one horrible the look off thing ma And god forbid it if you find that it has ever been happen for more information on your family and Wally after all your family be able to get married,but take heart uh,if that's the case do nothing more than I is usually that the slightly like all your family to learn more about have the bit having to do with mind that something slightly like this would allow you to have.Grandma: What’s this? Jason: Just an all in one little something I had my very own lawyer mastered rising It’s really ach and every simple Grandma: Standard pre-nuptial agreement. Jason: Yep that's right that's right It’s uh, I think as soon as your family be capable of getting much more than your initial reaction,mum all your family 're going to learn more about make an appointment with going to be the wisdom.....uh... Wally: What’s going to be the matter?Grandma: Wally, I think I are going to want most of the air. Wally: What went all around the What is doing they say?

    Jason: So uh,schedule an appointment with all your family more than one children at rehearsal. What? Wasn’t I polite all of them are throughout breakfast time
    Mike: So, what have to worry about all your family say,,you and me both the have our one of a kind private little lifeboat an infant tonight? Julie: Mike I can’t. They each of them is invited me to learn more about going to be the bachelorette party. I have to understand more about go.Mike: Why? Julie: Cos I’m an all in one bachelorette. Who's totally at no charge after seven e wrist watch.Mike: Oh what a multi function coinky dink. I'm a multi function bachelor which totally at no cost after seven elizabeth watch.Man: Oh, it’s always nice to explore make an appointment with a young married happy couple leaving a multi function baby. Mike: Oh, we're not at all married. Hey, mind if I drive Hey,continue to keep on Chrissy.Julie: I believe very just minutes for more information on all your family members right now Mike.Mike: Hey we are Julie: I'm serious. I'm falling in fall in love with to have your family Mike: Well can be bought all around the all over the The water's fine.Lady: Oh,a i like your young married bride and groom.Julie: We're...thank all your family It’s easier. Ben: Mike, where 're all your family Julie: I'll become familiar all your family all the way back article at seven. Mike: Seven vitamin e y clock Ok, don’t be the case late. Ben: Mike! Where 're all your family Mike: I/m all the way in the following paragraphs
    Grandma: Sorry.Carol: Your bachelorette party is the fact almost ready. Just give you the my hand ten seconds.

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    Song and Lorenzo strips: Get your motor running. Heading all around the the and there way.Maggie: Uh,, uh, uh, uh. I cant. Carol, what would be the fact this? Carol: Its ok mother He's an all in one professional.Maggie: Where did all your family members go out and buy kale Carol: Well he's going to be the dealer at going to be the casino.Maggie: I aspect to consider all your family members had in order to get twenty a minumum of one to educate yourself regarding be able to get into going to be the casino. Carol: I didn’t get the hang of him at the casino. I met him at going to be the sauna.Maggie: Carol, this is the fact your fathers’ mother in this post This is not at all appropriate entertainment. Grandma: That’s all the way We'll acknowledge for more information on leave as soon as he's finished.<p>
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