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iLiteUp - YourLife! - Using your memories to light up your life!

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  1. Hi!

    iLiteUp-YourLife - Using your memories to light up your life!

    Now you are probably thinking not another Light App!?!?! But let me explain, you will not be disappointed!

    We thought it was time for a fully featured light, that was not just a color swoosh, but one that would let the user use the features that make iTunes and the iPhone/iPods such a phenomenal hit. Namely, the ability to use the pictures of your life to light your way and have some fun too. We did so, in a way that lets the user express his or her creativity too. Layering their pictures to provide both off and off states. They can use transparent images, opacity blending and scaling to create a personal light, that means something to them! Of course, we dont want to burden our users either, so we provide a few good images and a default configuration to get them started.

    When we say iLiteUp is a full featured Light, we wanted to make sure that our users would come back to our app whenever they were in the dark!;) To do so, we knew it not only needed to work, but it needed to be intuitive and have all the features a modern light would need to be useful. No other light had all the features we think are necessary.
    Here is the main set of features we include:
    - Use Your Own Pictures
    - Individual On/Off Lights
    - Layered On/Off Lights
    - Instant On/Off
    - Timers
    - A-Touch-Adds-Time (like your microwave;)
    - Image Lights included
    - Colored Lights
    - Movie Lights
    - Switch Visibility & Position
    - Scaling
    - Transparency

    Please check out our website for more information about our feature set:

    I hope you will enjoy and review our app and let us (and the world) know what you think. We are hoping you will say to yourself: "Finally there is a Light app that is really good, useful and has all the features I expect out of a light!!!"

    Here are two PromoCodes for the first two people who have read this far to help you help us:

    We have more great Apps coming so stay tuned!

    Thanks and Enjoy!
    The home of products that lite up your life, your iPhone and your iPod Touch

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