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iLounge: Find Your Favorite Wine & Whisky with a Twist!

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  1. ranie

    iLounge is now available on the iTunes App Store ( and Google Play ( for free!

    You have trouble reading the wine label? You read about a wine that you want to try desperately but dont know where to get it? You ever wonder if you are really getting a good deal from the store? Not sure if the vodka on hand has other flavors available? You tasted a wonderful whisky while travelling and want to find out if you can get it back home?

    Simply take a picture of the labels (*currently support whisky labels only) or enter the name of the product (wine, whisky, and spirits), and the users can easily find the local availability of the items, and compare prices from stores around the world. iLounge’s exclusive database includes over five million products and 20,000 merchants across the world, and over hundred thousands of whisky labels in our database. iLounge may not have the world’s largest labels database, but they are definitely building towards it.

    iLounge uses advanced image recognition technology patented and developed by MyClick Media Ltd. to instantly match the wine labels. Here’s how it works: Take a picture and submit the file to us through iLounge, then it goes to our cloud-sourced image database to try to find similar images that have already been identified. The clever part of it is that there is no need to enter any keywords beforehand. MyClick’s image recognition technology is so smart that it works on its own, and recognizes the image in a similar fashion as we do with the human eyes.

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