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I'm fiercely pro-choice

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  1. diaocgqtyc

    <div id="bio_body" class="section_body">I'm fiercely pro-choice

    I have a couple of disabilities which means that sometimes all you'll get from me are swear words. Pain levels are a right bitch to deal with. I do IT things for a living and for fun disable user's accounts if I am having a bad day. I enjoy signing pro-lifer trolls who spam my inbox up to goat fetish mailing lists.

    I live with my husband, we got married in a Druid handfasting ceremony in the pouring rain in the UK. We are both childfree and pro-choice. If you have a problem with this or any of the communities I belong to/moderate then maybe it's best you not enter this journal. I am female - 100%. I understand the dichotomy but that's part of the fun. I'm majorly liberal - I'm pro pot-legalisation, pro equal-rights-for-gays and pro-sticking morons into rockets and firing them at the sun.</div>
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