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Indie-Dev: new game Fly-n-BOOM! - Physics-based fun! =D

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  1. Michael Smith

    Hello there! =D

    My name is Michael Smith and I am a new Indie Developer who is passionate about games. I have been an avid gamer my whole life. After University, I worked at a major Video Game Company for just under 3 years, but decided I wanted to pursue my own path, where I could bring my own ideas to life and build a personable relationship with my customers, audience, and the gaming community. I truly believe video games are inspiring and a form of art, and also bring people together!

    The name of my new game is Fly-n-BOOM! and it is iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad compatible!

    I recorded a personal VLog of me demoing the game and talking about Fly-n-BOOM!:
    Fly-n-BOOM! iTunes Page:

    I am an active member of the gaming community and have my own popular YouTube Channel filled with funny Let's Play commentaries and VLogs. I have a great following of amazing people who I frequently communicate with. They really helped make the channel what it is today.

    YouTube Channel:

    I would be honored if you considered checking out my game or even writing me a small review.

    Thank you so much for reading and please check out my game! LITE Version should be AVAILABLE SOON! =D


    - Michael Smith

    Posted 6 years ago #

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