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[IOS game]Blooming Stars make your eyes light up!!!

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  1. Diablo

    A delight and relaxing game is coming. It is very interesting and will make your eyes light up. Come on and have a try!


    It is easy to complete the levels. But it is not to say master cannot play. It provides tow modes. One is normal mode and the other is time limited mode. If you think it is too simple, you can challenge the time limited mode.


    In normal mode, there are 60 levels. You have 5 points to challenge all levels. You lose 1 point upon level failure.
    In time limited mode, you need to impact as much stars to make up continuously reducing time. Game over when timing dock becomes 0.
    Tap anywhere on the screen to create a star and impact with others to gain scores. Consider the direction of all the stars when tap a star.


    Simple operations with all kinds of special stars make the game full of joy. It is a good relaxing and addictive casual game.
    Exquisite picture, fluid animation, relaxing melodious music, moderate difficult educational challenge and those lovely flickering stars, no one can resist it.
    iPhone version:
    iPad version:

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