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iPhone Unisize Label

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  1. imanzarrabian

    Imagine you are shopping in Paris next summer. That shirt looks nice, but the colour is much easier to choose than the size.

    With Unisize Label, choosing the right size becomes so easy. Use your iPhone and convert within a few seconds all your clothing sizes into whatever foreign size unit you want.

    How about buying a T-Shirt for your Dad ? With Unisize Label you already have all the sizes and the favorite colour of your contacts and Friends. So useful !

    Getting a text from your sister : «What’s John’s shoe size ?». Send her a complete record with all John’s sizes, in whatever foreign size unit you want, and, the added bonus, a list of what John has already received as gifts.

    With Unisize Label, you can :

    - Convert clothing sizes, for men and women, wherever you are in the world.

    - Save your friends sizes, convert them and share them via email or sms if needed.

    - Save a list of what you’ve already offered to your contacts.

    here is the web site:
    and the appstore link :

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