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iWillSurvive: new FREE pong-styled arcade game!

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  1. amygdala

    ★★★ iWillSurvive ★★★
    You know pong…. You have played point'n'shoot games... Now do both at the same time! iWillSurvive is a faster-and-faster paced, more-and-more difficult run to remain alive - based on the classics, developed for the iPhone/iPod, created for YOU who likes a good action-packed competitive and addictive arcade game! It is a game of concentration, reflexes and foresight - and fun for all ages!

    ☢ Beware: The game is addictive, and will waste your time better spent washing dishes! The online highscore system AGON by Aptocore makes the game extremely hard to put down!

    iWillSurvive is completely free. No strings attached. Small in size and a quick source of fun - get it now!

    ★★★ Features ★★★
    ☛ Simple game, simply fun!
    ☛ Easy controls: Tilt you iPhone/iPod and point'n'shoot.
    ☛ Classic arcade game style: Easy beginning, increasing difficulty.
    ☛ Worldwide highscore system: AGON by Aptocore.
    ☛ Atmospheric graphics, music and sound.
    ☛ Play along with your iPod music.


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