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Keep your fit and enjoy the best arcade app Fat Jump by SID On Read more: http:

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  1. Famous game developer SID On recently released new funny and extremely addictive game Fat Jump.

    Fat Jump is a uniquely themed “platform to platform” arcade adventure in the vein of classics like Doodle Jump. Playing the game is an enormously addicting yet surprising straight forward ordeal. Using tilt controls, players are challenged with guiding their hungry hero onto one platform after another as he continues on his endless journey upwards in pursuit of the Purple Monster who stole his stash of healthy snacks. Simply put: It’s engaging mobile entertainment that might just teach younger users that it pays to eat healthy and stay active!

    The game contains:
    - Fantastic graphics;
    - Fun sounds;
    - Endless supply of levels to conquer;
    - Numerous achievements to unlock;
    - Plenty of power-ups;
    - An in-game store with upgrades and accessories;
    - Full integration with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter;
    - Online and Offline scoreboards.
    - Full iPad compatibility

    Get the app right now and enjoy fantastic Fat Jump!!!

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