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LetsTans - Totally new experience of the Tangram spirit

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  1. Grabarchuk Puzzles

    Ever thought of playing the Tangram in new ways? This app is the answer providing you with an eye-catching fusion of the Tangram world and the universe of colorful mosaics. Original, hand-crafted puzzles, catchy shapes, smooth play, and advanced hint system - everything is aimed to fill the captivating Tangram's spirit with the new playing energy.

    192 fun and addictive puzzles are distributed evenly among three distinctive gameplay modes. In the Replica mode, find and tap exactly seven different color tans to replicate each proposed white Tangram shape. Then, in the Arcade mode, trace and fully capture seven different color tans with shaped masks. Finally, the Classic mode will bring back your memories of attempting to fit the tans neatly within the borders of different Tangram shapes.

    - 192 different puzzles.
    - 64 Tangram shapes, classic and new.
    - All puzzles are hand-crafted.
    - 3 play modes: Replica, Arcade, and Classic.
    - Advanced hint system.
    - Neat graphics, sounds, and animations.
    - Time counter with a pause option.
    - Guest Player option.


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