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map me! On iphone app

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  1. mapmeiPhone

    Your pics & your friend's pics uploaded to facebook & Google maps

    Privacy Settings – Only your facebook friends can see your photos!

    Key Features:
    • One-touch imports your iPhone pics to both facebook & Google maps.
    • map me! shows you the where and what is happening now - not just what happened in the past.
    • Time Slider bar lets your pics pop up on the map by date. Shows where you were on your trip and when!

    Advanced Features:
    • Great for mapping your bike trip, weekend getaway and night out with friends.
    • Political action! Map unsafe bike lanes, illegal activities and other social issues. Get your friends involved, start a fb page, and provide congressmen and media with visuals and their locations.
    • Tweet your photo maps by taking a screenshot.
    • A picture tells a 1000 words. Your picture map tells……!!/id451961013?mt=8

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