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My Virtual Girlfriend - (can be yours too!)

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  1. polygrafix

    Sorry for the goofy subject line - but i couldn't help myself :)

    My Virtual Girlfriend has been updated during the Christmas break, and from this update- it's become an international success! I'ts currently ranked in the top 40 entertainment apps here in the US and ranked in the top 10 in several other countries:

    Here is what we did:

    * 20+ levels of gameplay
    * Graphic improvements
    * better dialog
    * More actions and activities to do
    * Lingerie
    * I'ts now universal - for both iphone and ipad

    All this and we've lowered it to just $.99

    Here is more about the game:

    My Virtual girlfriend is a Virtual girl dating simulation game that offers you fun and flirty gameplay, while not taking things too serious ;)

    My virtual Girlfriend features:

    * Customize your girl through our unique dating profiler which selects the top 3 matches for you based on your preferences of both physical and mental characteristics.

    * Our virtual girl generator creates unique girls every time you play- allowing for combination's of literally thousands of beautiful, 3d women to choose from.

    * Each girl is unique, and has her own personality that aligns with her lifestyle and is communicated through her dialog.

    * Progress through 20+ levels of gameplay. Each time you gain a level - new actions and activities open up and the dialog from her becomes more interesting.

    * There are several different ways to interact with you’re virtual girlfriend : Respond to her with Expressive Emotes, Take Actions, Do Activities together and she even responds to your Touch !

    * Full 3d environments allows for easy camera control, Zoom in, out, and rotate around your virtual girlfriend.

    Official website:

    Oh- and for those of you not ready for a commitment just yet, Here is our FREE version - Enjoy

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