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My Virtual Girlfriend updates:

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  1. polygrafix

    This is Mike Amerson, Creator of My Virtual Girlfriend for Iphone.
    or Itunes link:

    We are about to submit a major update for the game and were pretty excited about it because it has significant improvements to it. Here is the breakdown of what we'll be adding:
    * Level cap extended to 20 +
    * Better game balance
    * Progressive rewards system, the higher the level obtained, the more things you can do with you’re girlfriend.
    * Removed the limit of only 5 random actions or activities you could do per turn , now you can select any action or activity that you have unlocked once you’ve earned them.
    * A clearer currency system
    * Certain player names at the beginning may unlock special features (aka, cheats)
    * Improved Graphics and art polish
    * Enhanced AI
    * Significantly Improved and funnier dialog
    * tested on both Ios4 and Iphone 4
    * You can now gift Lingerie for your girl- and see it on her.

    I love to hear feedback from the community, so please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestion you may have. We are currently the #1 Virtual Girlfriend game on Iphone and are continually working to make it better with updates. Your feedback helps to shape the game.

    Thank you

    Posted 9 years ago #

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