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myGiftList: New Holiday App with Innovative Bookmarklet Feature

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  1. zeode

    Hi everyone!

    I've just released a new iPhone app that you might be interested in. It's called myGiftList, and it's a gift organizer with what I think is a new and interesting extra feature: A bookmarklet that can be used on your iPhone/iPad to browse the web in Safari and send pages directly to the app to be imported as gifts (with product names, prices, pictures, descriptions, etc, automatically detected), without even needing to be sent to a third-party server first. I think this is great because you can be doing your shopping, find an interesting item, tap on your "Add to myGiftList" bookmark, be taken directly to a New Gift screen where you can select who and what event it's for, and then you're sent back to Safari and you can continue your shopping. A 1.1 update is currently waiting for Apple's review that adds support for a desktop version of the bookmarklet, complete with push notifications.

    I created myGiftList because, despite the abundance of gift organizer apps out there, I couldn't find one that really fit my workflow and provided easy access to all the information that I typically want. In the past I've just kept spreadsheets with my gift ideas and purchase statuses, but there had to be a better way!

    Here's the app store description of the app:

    myGiftList lets you easily keep track of your gift list and events. Keep all your planning information, including gifts and ideas, stores and prices, purchase statuses, order and tracking numbers, images, links, and more, in one convenient app!

    myGiftList features an innovative "bookmarklet", letting you browse the web on your device and send pages directly to your list to be imported as new gifts without interrupting your shopping experience!

    • Add as many gifts, events, and people as you need!
    • Unique Safari bookmarklet feature to allow you to quickly add gifts to your gift list while surfing the web!
    • Sort your gift list by event, store, people, price, or status
    • Pictures, descriptions, prices, web addresses, and more information for every gift
    • Convenient progress indicators for gift purchase, shipping, and wrapping status
    • Price totals for every section on your gift list
    • Countdowns to your upcoming events
    • Built-in icons for many popular occasions
    • Import people directly from your device's address book
    • Protect your secret gift data with a passcode

    myGiftList can be found on the App Store here:
    Its own website is here:

    Thanks for the interest!

    Posted 6 years ago #

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