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Mysteries so unbelievable, we can't make this stuff up!!

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  1. bluepen777

    Hi All,

    We just released our new app 'Mysteries Of The World'. Check it out.

    Ever wonder about how (or if) ancient civilizations built massive structures like the pyramids? Did you ever want to know if something not-of-this-world is being hidden at Area 51? Or if Bigfoot was real? And maybe one of the biggest questions of our generation, what will happen in 2012?

    Explore strange and incredible mysteries of old and new with the beautifully designed ‘Mysteries of the World’ for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    *The Pyramids Of Giza
    *America's Stonehenge
    *The Nazca Lines
    *The Mayans and the Mayan calendar
    *The Roswell Incident
    *Area 51
    *The Jersey Devil
    *And More

    Posted 7 years ago #

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