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New FREE app may prove Leonardo Da Vinci was the Mona Lisa

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  1. bluepen777

    Was Da Vinci the Mona Lisa?

    You've heard about it, now judge for yourself. You may not believe your eyes.

    Discover what may be Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest secret and possibly one of the greatest secrets of all time. Was the Mona Lisa really another Leonardo Da Vinci self-portrait? 

    App Highlights:

    * Watch one portrait transform into the other portrait with accuracy too precise to be coincidence

    * Adjust the transformation manually

    * Compare his famous self-portrait to the Mona Lisa in a side by side view.
    * Use the side by side grid view that fits the two portraits together like puzzle pieces

    A MUST SEE!!!

    See in iTunes -

    Posted 8 years ago #

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