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Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men Create Your Own Ethnic Design Shoes bud

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  1. Hand painting ethnic designs on shoes is a festive way to express your individuality and heritage. If you adore Native American designs you could decorate your shoes with a Navajo rug inspired pattern. Those who love all things Irish might want to express this by painting their shoes with the colors of the Irish flag. Polynesian enthusiasts might enjoy painting designs on their shoes that are inspired by tapa cloth. Painting shoes with a beautiful design is a resourceful way to dress-up a plain pair of canvas sneakers that have just been sitting around your house,Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men.Other People Are ReadingHow to Design an Ethnic Style RoomHow to Build Custom ShoesThings You'll NeedWhite canvas shoesBeige canvas shoesFabric paintGlitter fabric paintPaint brushesWater jarPermanent markerTape measureShow MoreInstructions Navajo Rug Inspired Shoes1Look at pictures of Navajo rugs to get ideas for the types of designs you would like to draw on your shoes.2Use a permanent marker to draw a Navajo inspired rug design on your canvas shoes.3Paint the Navajo design on the shoes using fabric paint,Nike Free 3.0 V2 Men, which will withstand water if your shoes get wet.4Consider using sparkly fabric paint to give your shoes a more eclectic look.5Allow your shoes to completely dry before wearing.Irish Flag Inspired Shoes6Use measuring tape and a permanent marker to divide each shoe into three sections that represent the tri-color of the Irish flag.7Dip the paintbrush in the fabric paint to fill in the green portion of the flag on each shoe.8Don't paint the middle portion of the shoes because you are using white canvas shoes, which are easy to decorate with fabric paint. Keep in mind the center of the Irish flag is white, which is why you are not painting this part of the shoes.9Paint the right hand side of each shoe with orange fabric paint, which stands for this part of the Irish flag.10Let the paint on your shoes dry completely before wearing.Polynesian Tapa Cloth Inspired Shoes11Look at pictures of tapa cloth to get inspiration for the types of designs you would like to make on your shoes.12Take a permanent marker and create designs on your shoes that are similar to those seen on tapa cloth,Nike Free 7.0 V2 WoMen. Use beige colored canvas shoes for this project since this color is similar to the color of tapa cloth.13Use a small detail paintbrush to fill in the tapa cloth inspired designs.14Wear the shoes once the painted designs have dried.Tips & WarningsUse newspapers to protect your work surface.Paint both shoes with the same design to create a matching pair.Consider creating mismatched shoes for a more wacky style.Adventurous painters may consider using leather paint on heals.Help young children paint the designs on their shoes.Paint shoes in a well-ventilated area.Use photographs of ethnic designs for inspiration, but never copy the work of someone else.

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