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Ninja Bounce Review and $100, $50, $10 Giftcard Contest

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  1. appsasia

    Ninja Bounce for the iPhone is an rhythm-based side-scrolling survival game. I must say that I am a fan of survival games such as Ninjump and while Ninjump was based more on attacking, Ninja Bounce relies on reflexes and accurate timing.

    The game concept is simple but very challenging at the same time. A deathly fire will be approaching from the left and you must jump to the right to avoid it. Oncoming platforms will have a designated color of either red or blue and you must tap on the right color to jump onto that platform. The more accurate timing you achieve, will result in jumping further collecting a slew of coins along the way. As you continue in the game you will encounter different combinations and unpredictable patterns which will make you concentrate more on making precise jumps while also avoiding the fire which will be moving faster as you move along.

    The overall design of this game is superb and developers really put a lot of thought into designing the game with an oriental aspect. The animation of the jumps and of your Ninja are really exciting.

    Overall this game offers a lot to casual gamers. The graphics and animation are fantastic and the gameplay combines many different styles of games into one. Finally, it's challenging and offers a lot more than most survival games or side-scrolling games of this type all packed into a $.99 pricetag. They are having a contest with the winner receiving a $100, $50 or $10 iTunes Giftcard

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