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NUMBER MAGIC - iPhone and iPod Touch application

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  1. dimitri8620

    NUMBER MAGIC is a perfect enchanting game for iPhone and iPod Touch where you choose a number in your mind and the game result will show you the number you have chosen after few steps.
    iTunes store Link:
    o Just think and choose a number from 1 to 100.
    o Remember the number because it will be needed for the upcoming steps.
    o In each step, a number chart will be shown and you will be asked whether your chosen number is on the screen or not.
    o Press “YES” or “NO” accordingly and after seven steps it will show you the number that you have chosen in your mind.
    o This is the magic of the application. Some mathematics rules used in this application.
    • Number Magic is FREE App.
    • Simple, addictive game play.
    • This application is less than 1 MB… feel free to download.
    • Attractive page shuffling.
    • “Home” button is available on each page, so if you forget the chosen number you can start from the beginning.
    • Three types of Result are available in result page.
    Video and other Links:
    Video Link:
    Screenshot Link:

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