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  1. davinaki75

    <p>The improbity body of Cape monster, they take thunder and lightning all over, in addition to other on the hoof same kind objects can not depend into, the offensiveness is biggest.

       Big crow:a kind of crow that is controled variation behind, can not be independently living under the normal circumstance.Have no offensiveness.

       -Water livings-

       The big fish of 2-6 meters:Common of fish get some helps for taking to work properly a dint products to become of, have no offensiveness.

       White beard fish:Common of fish approach to take to work properly a dint product excessive but variety but become of, weak offensiveness.

       Several tortoises with big rice:The common tortoise gets after living long clear some take to work properly inside the product help variety.Have no offensiveness.

       Water centipede:a kind of life the insect that appear just in the very deep fresh water, offensiveness Gao.

       Touching Xi is strange:A kind of still not deep outside star living creature for understanding, indiscrimination attack.


       Dry skeleton:The sorcery makes object, can use various different weapons, the offensiveness is biggest.{Person's type}

       Rui demon:The traditional devil of Japan seizes a soul after liking to use various different methods to be homicidal, the indiscrimination attackstones.{Person's type}

       The king of the corpse:The sorcery makes object, will take some common Jiang corpses or dry skeleton while appearing, the offensiveness is biggest.{Person's type}

       Evil corpse:ratio corpse the king is a little bit weaker of structure body, can split up a dry skeleton or Jiang corpse through own body, the offensiveness is biggest.{Person's type}


       Childhood water dragon:Common snake evolution but become of, don't clearly evolve reason in detail, indiscrimination attack.

       Xuan force:The turtle body snake head of head dragon be tail of strange</p>

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