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Oh Crop! - Free Fast-paced Alien Farming Game

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  1. phoenixxapps

    Hey all,

    Oh Crop! is a free fast-paced alien farming game that was just released in the App Store. In Oh Crop!, the player collects quickly changing alien crops to meet a yearly quota. After each year, remaining money can be spent on “Main Street” to upgrade farming equipment or saved for the coming harvest. To be successful, the player must also learn to quickly exterminate greedy pests that pop up and eat the crops. After spending your first few years on Earth, you can travel across the Universe to destinations such as Pluto, the Sun, a nebula, and many more in the pursuit of more lucrative farming.

    Youtube Link:
    App Store Link: itms://

    Oh Crop! Features:
    *Oh Crop! is completely free (no in-app purchases)
    *Harvest fast-changing alien crops
    *Kill vicious pests attempting to eat your hard-earned crops
    *Visit Main Street to upgrade to more lucrative seeds, a "suped-up" leaf blower for efficient pest slaying, and mind-blowing special abilities such as a Relativity Manipulator!
    *Travel around the universe in search of better farming
    *Encounter three unique bosses
    *OpenFeint-enabled with leaderboards and achievement

    Follow us on twitter at for future contest announcements.

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