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Penguin Break

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    Keep these Penguins from busting out. They are out of control. Keep these guys in check with snowballs and an assortment of power items.

    Reaction, strategy, split-second timing, and careful aim – you’ll need them all to get the highest scores in this light-hearted, easy-to-pick-up, can’t-put-it-down game for your iPhone/iPod Touch.


    • Tap the screen to toss a colored snowball. When you hit a penguin of the same color, it and all touching penguins of that color disappear; others tumble down from above.

    • Try for Chain Reactions! If a penguin tumbling down makes a column of three or more of the same color, those disappear as well. One great shot can make multiple Chain Reactions!

    • Three Different Power Ups –
    - Bomb! Earn a Bomb by creating three Chain Reactions with one shot. Toss a Bomb to clear out all penguins in an area
    - Smart Bomb! Make at least 14 penguins disappear with a single shot to earn a Smart Bomb. Aim it carefully – a Smart Bomb makes all penguins of one color vanish
    - Change Bomb! Get a Change Bomb by matching snowball and penguin colors for several shots in a row. Use a Change Bomb to turn all penguins of one color the color of the bomb

    • Two Kinds of Action –
    - Escape! Penguins gradually fill the screen; you keep them from scooting off the top
    - Frenzy! Clear all penguins off the screen before you run out of time

    • In Escape, shake your iPhone/iPod Touch for extra action – penguins at the tops of the highest towers tumble down, giving you more time.

    • The action starts easy and grows more challenging the better you do. Start with three penguin and snowball colors; advance to four and even five!

    • Connect to Facebook for bragging rights on your friend-only leaderboard!

    • The game comes complete with simple instructions to get you up and playing fast!

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