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    For quite sometime now I was contemplating to change my sunglasses but it was certainly not out of euphoria for the hyped style enhancing qualities the sunglasses are tipped to give. A walk through spy eyewear section in a local departmental store changed all that within a visit.To begin with; I wasn't particular about gender specificity of sunglasses. Both men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses meant the same to me. Spy optic glasses are made in shatter proof material such as Hytrel rubber etc which gave me soft feel on temple. The rubber tips increased tackiness with wetness which I thought was a plus in windy condition,polo ralph lauren hoodies men.What really caught my attention were not the technical jargons and functionalities but the styling and shades,polo ralph lauren shirts for men. The nice crossover for both athletic and casual endeavors; be it skiing or water skiing, morning jog or biking.The perfect fitment of the frame, thanks to the frame contour and polycarbonate lenses with accurate radius curvature, not just snugly sat on me but matched the natural human eye curvature, degree for degree. This meant that I could still wear it with a helmet on and without any apprehension of having prismatic aberrations,ralph lauren sweaters for women.All other parameters and specifications such as frame styling, technology, quickness of photo chromic color shifts and visual performance are easily comparable with the best brands on the stands anywhere. But don't forget to checkout the difference between the 'Toric' lenses (ovular) that bulge out spherically from the frame while maintaining perfect ovular shape and normal spherical lenses which loose out on account of near roundness of shape.This coupled with the replacement kit of multiple color lenses gives your imagination a take-off. The countless options this gave me like none other was the last thing I had waited for when I entered the store,ralph lauren polo accessories online. If you are of winter type, spy sunglasses with venting may just be the thing for you, for you know what it takes to do away with the fog,ralph lauren polo belts sale.

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