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    Exclusive to iPhone and iPad, Soccer iCon is an in-depth, multi-facetted experience that pays homage to the Beautiful Game by allowing mobile gamers to carve out a professional soccer career from the palm of their hand. For the first time in a mobile soccer game, a real life model has been used to deliver an engaging, credible and authentic mobile gaming experience.

    Soccer iCon takes you through the excitement and drama of a professional soccer career as well as the joys, despairs and controversy facing today’s modern soccer professionals.Train well, improve your skills and you will be rewarded with goals, great performances and Man of the Match awards. Just like real life, you will get noticed by clubs in higher divisions, earn better contracts and more money, allowing you to buy better cars, houses and the odd swimming pool.

    You may want to celebrate the signing of a new contract by socialising with friends or you may simply want to stay in and rest up for the next big game, but be warned; every choice you make has a consequence. Buying that new supercar or mansion with your new pay packet and having a night out on the town might be a great way to warm the heart, but don’t neglect your training or you will find yourself warming the bench and making headlines on the front page, rather than the back page of the newspaper.

    Your early performances as a young amateur dictate which clubs offer you a professional contract and from then on it is up to you to forge a career that could take you to the top of your game and, if you are good enough, be selected for the national team.

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