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Ricochet Assassin Express : new cool cartoon game from USOApps

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  1. USOApps

    An interesting and breathtaking game RicoshetAssassin released by USOApps is available for playing on IPHONE, IPOD and IPAD. You have always dreamt of shooting but you have no weapons, so we provide you with this opportunity in the game. Pick up the bullets and shoot, shoot, shoot, give way to your abilities. Use your arsenal with wisdom. The player directs the character who kills the enemies with his gun. Test the precision of your shooting, on every level you need to plan the killing of your enemies. Think carefully before shooting – as you have a limited number of bullets. The plot of this game can keep you busy for many days and hours. The complexity of each level increases steadily and you will have to think a lot and to kill the enemies, but later different obstacles emerge that you need to overcome.
    Good music and realistic sound effects will not allow you to feel bored playing this game. Listen to the screams of the victims, explosion of bombs, ricochets of bullets and the like.

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