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Riff Raters iphone Music App

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  1. SeanHey

    There are 5 reasons why Riff Raters is a unique app:
    1. It is community and participation driven. We have thousands of users or “riffers” recording riffs into the iPhone/iPod Touch. The riffers listen and rate each other’s riffs, making comments and interacting with one another.
    2. It gives musicians a way to be heard and spread their music. If you like a riff, you can become a fan of the riffer and link to their website, Facebook page, Twitter and MySpace accounts to listen, purchase or just get to know the riffer.
    3. You get notification of new riffs and location of the riffer. If you are a fan of a riffer, you will be notified if the riffer uploads a new riff. You can look at a map and see the location of where the riff was created.
    4. Riff Raters was on the Apple’s “What’s Hot” list for 2 weeks in December 2009.
    5. Riff Raters is donating 5% of its proceeds to a non-profit music camp for teenagers.

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