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Run Ran Run! Escape from the giant monster!

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  1. TwisterK

    Hi everyone, we have launched a new casual 3D action game for the iPhone and the iPad called Run, Ran, Run!

    It can be played on both the iPhone and the iPad (we do have a separate HD version for the iPad with high quality assets).We would like to ask for your kind help to support us indie developers either by spreading the word and gaining more visibility,or by purchasing to support a young group of indie developers. The funds will be used to fund our development efforts so that
    we can continue to improve and build better games. We are currently working on adding new cute, lovable characters to Run, Ran, Run!.

    Please get a copy from the App Store, and do look forward to our future updates in version 1.2!

    - A cute, lovable heroine that you can swipe to control,
    - Experience the action – Dodge the attacks from the giant monster and cars on the road. Try to outrun them.
    - Throw anvils back at it to fight back!
    - Run at light speed to put some distance between the monster and you.
    - Unlock story pieces as the level progresses to understand the real story.







    A giant monster has started rampaging through the city, and it is now after Ran-chan! Help her dodge cars, collect power ups, and fight back!
    Follow Ran-chan on her adventure to unlock story pieces from the past, and to shed light on the mystery behind it all!

    Run, Ran, Run!

    Run, Ran, Run! HD

    Posted 6 years ago #

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