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    Taiwan's existence can only be defined in relation to the mainland (The China Post)
    Updated: 2010-06-18 13:45

    2010-06-18 13:45:09.0Taiwan's existence can only be defined amid relation to the mainlandTaiwan,sac louis vuitton pas cher,mainland,louis vuitton pas cher,economy11035881From Overseas Press2@webnews/enpproperty-->

    It seems Taiwan cannot exist without the Chinese mainland these days,for the island is increasingly dependent aboard the mainland economically. In truth Taiwan's existence is defined among relation to the mainland.

    Whenever we talk almost Taiwan, we contrast it to the mainland. Here's one example In a recent letter to the editor,sacsvpromotion, a reader of a Taiwan-based Chinese-language weekly deplored how Taiwanese corporations are lagging after Korean and even the mainland firms surrounded marketing efforts.

    The reader backed his contention along citing an eye-catching advertising action along a mainland company—Yingli Solar—in the ongoing World Cup within South Africa.

    Football lovers must have likewise seen the Yingli ads aboard tremendous LED exhibits circling the soccer fields.

    The reader said that the mainland corporations are beginning to aggressively enhance themselves with aims to become universal brands.

    He queried meantime we can discern Acer or HTC—the Taiwan-based PC and mobile phone brands respectively—become sponsors of the highest important football accident.

    Public exposure namely of lesson important to companies that are escaping brand-name businesses. Actually,, Acer has been a sponsor of the F1 automobile marathon Hannspree—an LCD TV and monitor brand of Taiwan-based LCD-panel maker HannStar Display—is likewise a sponsor of the X Games within the United States.

    All companies have change marketing strategies; and their absence from the World Cup does never average that they are not marketing themselves.

    We are seeing a lot of Sony ads by this Word Cup. But there namely not Samsung. There is Coca Cola,merely there is no Pepsi.

    There are many alter reasons why a certain brand is defect in ... a sporting accident But it is never the converge of the present discussion.

    What we are attempting to point out is that the reader's response to the Yingli ad movement reflects the access folk are seeing by Taiwan and its relations with the mainland.Related links:

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