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Sharing the iphone app - PinLocker

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  1. appslover88

    Hi all,
    Recently, I purchase new iphone and want to search and install some useful apps in my iphone for daily use purposed.

    Let me draft introduce myself first, I am a part-time student, the follower of new trendy and new matter, so I like browsing some interesting website for getting trendy news. During this situation, because my name always has been registered by other, so I need to create the new login name, and the result that lots of different user name, password and e-mail all in my mind, how can I remember all those information??!!!

    PinLocker was recommended by my friend that he told me it is very convenience. At the beginning, I don't believe it because I think all my data are my privacy. However, I still input some no related password data in PinLocker.

    Tell you a story that once during shopping, I buy lots. My iphone rang that was my part-time employer said need my bank a/c for salary. Oh my god, no hand for searching the card in my bag. Luckily, I save my bank a/c in PinLocker, so I can answer him directly.

    After this case, I feel PinLocker is really very useful, I put all my login, password, e-mail, bank a/c in it! Now I only remember one password for PinLocker!!

    That is the reason why I want to share this app with you!

    If there is someone also using this app, please leave a message for sharing!! Thanks~

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. appslover88

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~

    Posted 7 years ago #

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