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Split Decision - new iOS free puzzle game

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  1. dCoding

    I hope you enjoy it! App description as follows:

    Playing Split Decision is simple – eject puzzle pieces onto the game board and arrange them into a picture. However, as you slide the pieces around, you will find that getting them into position isn’t always as easy as it first appears!

    Pieces can bounce off the walls surrounding the game board (if you hit a Repel) or even disappear entirely if you slide them out of an open door! Timing is everything if you don’t want to ruin your carefully assembled picture.

    With 3 picture packs included for free, and another 6 available as low cost in-app purchases, there are plenty of puzzles to keep you going – especially if you are trying to get 3 stars on each. Each picture pack contains 4 levels.

    Game features:
    * 3 picture packs (12 levels) included for free.
    * Each pack has its own difficulty level (Easy, Normal or Hard).
    * Earn up to 3 stars per level – 1 star is required in order to unlock the next level.
    * Level progress is saved if you quit and return later.
    * Relaxing – time counts up, not down, so you can continue until the level is complete.

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