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stored in a home refrigerator

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    <p style=happy the

    <p style=of, let alone a woman? Women for their appearance is extremely harsh, and she was afraid old. So, sometimes you ask, At a time when, no matter how sincere expression to make you speak the truth, do not say that she is old. The woman wants her own in the eyes of the man is always young and beautiful. </P>

    <p style=bold A woman's life, however, is suspicious, and sometimes a woman's casual sentence will always be hidden with According to the analysis of some In this, women may wish to Zhao next see themselves in the end will not say so? Men must be careful, when he said Ji sentence, how to deal with: </p>

    <p> dear:

    I very much like you, seems to non-point where you can not tell

    hope you will promise me contacts, you do not worry. refuse me

    listen to me talk Ji a little story ...

    about five years ago, there is a lucky girl like you received my the love letter

    when she gave me the answer is ...

    I am very sad, so he dismembered, , stored in a home refrigerator

    over a year, I feel a little recovery

    encountered one with the same lucky girl, but he have a boyfriend

    I took her out with her boyfriend about the negotiations, the talks broke down

    I missed her boyfriend killed with a brick, the corpse on the barrels of gasoline

    poured cement thrown into the Chengdu-Chongqing highway, feels that she poisoned the girl

    body bubble formalin placed in my basement
    <br / > It took another two years, I fell in love with another lucky girl

    this time I told her to become men and women friends

    However, the exchanges did not take long she pleaded with him to break up

    I really want to lose her

    her hang in my home ...

    I think, I do not really suitable for love ...

    I would like to ice my heart when I met you ...

    dear, now you can tell me & hellip ; ... </p>

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