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Subcat - An Underwater Fish-Catching Adventure

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  1. adrift02

    Gamania Digital Entertainment announces the launch of Subcat for iPhone and iPod touch, a new imaginative underwater adventure featuring two zany submarine-riding cats on an emergency food-hunting mission. Putting an innovative and exciting spin on the hidden object genre, players must find and catch fish using cat-like reflexes while fighting off blinding fog in a race against time. Containing bright, colorful visuals and intuitive gameplay, it’s fun for the entire family – and free until January 21st.


    Subcat begins after two adventuring cats, Juan and Sebastian, discover an old submarine hidden in a secret cave. Being the resourceful felines that they are, they fix up the sub, naming it “The Nautilis”, and begin a new voyage under the sea. Unfortunately, they soon find that their compass is broken and they’ve veered far off course. With food reserves running out, Juan puts on their only wetsuit and embarks on an emergency mission – brave the perilous ocean depths to catch undersea delicacies.

    During each stage players must keep the screen clear, ‘wiping’ away the fog that clouds up their “goggles”. They’ll have a limited amount of time to frantically hunt for fish, quickly uncovering their prey and ‘tapping’ them before they escape. With obstacles such as rocks and coral providing sneaky hiding spots, and nasty surprises like exploding Lantern Fish and ink squirting Squids, players will find four oceans and 80 levels of chaotic and challenging fun.

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