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Sudoku! available in the AppStore (with Promo codes)

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  1. vanillasky65

    Hi Guys,

    I'm really happy that Sudoku! finally made it's way to the AppStore, here's some details and promo codes.

    Game Description:
    * It's a Sudoku Game for the Ipod/Iphone.

    * 5 Different Difficulties (Paid version) - Includes 20,000 puzzles with difficulties ranging from Easy to Devilish.
    * 2 Different Difficulties (Free Version) - Includes 1,000 puzzles in Easy and Medium difficulty.
    * Save and Resume - The entire Sudoku Board is saved when you exit the game so you can continue to enjoy your game any time you want.
    * Online Best Time - Includes both local device and global best time so you can compete with you family and friends all around the globe.
    * Includes Sound effect and game Music - That will keep you relax while solving your puzzle.
    * Automatic Notes - If you don't want to note the puzzle yourself, the game includes a automatic feature that will create notes for the entire board for you.
    * Hint - Don't worry if you get stuck on a puzzle. You have 3 hints to help you on each puzzle!
    * Puzzle Validation - Check if the numbers you have added are correct.
    * Game Options - Includes option to turn on or off game helping functions such as Show Repeated numbers, Use Smart Buttons which will show number that are still valid and Use Smart Note unhighlight invalid notes in each cell.

    Screen Shot

    itune Link :
    * [Free]
    * [Full]

    Aun Taraseina

    Here's the promo codes, I hope you enjoy our game

    Posted 8 years ago #

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