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Thrilling! Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child.

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  1. bendroid

    Dear community members,

    You were waiting for it...You were asking for it...Now it's unleashed!!! Prepare for the horror!!!

    The epic story continues...You managed to escape from the first chapter, but will it help you to escape now??? We really doubt!!! Are you brave enough to play it?


    * 14 locations
    * Fully 3D world that you can interact with
    * Room escape-like game
    * Horrifying atmosphere
    * The second episode of the epic story
    * Over 50 animations
    * Dozens of items
    * New characters

    Pals, your feedback about Mystique is greatly appreciated! Do you believe in horror games for iPhone and iTouch future?

    Posted 8 years ago #

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