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Tippy Tower for iPhone

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  1. MissBanana

    Just checked the game called Tippy Tower.
    Basically it is a puzzle game where we must construct bricks to be a high tower and keep it stand still for at least 5 seconds to get into the next level.
    Sounds easy..
    The problem is that, each brick has different shapes. The brick shapes itself a bit reminds us with the legendary Tetris game bricks..
    First couple of levels runs smooth, starting from level 7 things are getting hot.
    One by one, the type of bricks that seemed impossible to have it arranged with others coming up.
    Actually we just have to be creative, analyze every brick and possibility to place them on top of each other. Be sure don't get it trembling down as you will lose ur chance to be the tippy master (that's what the developer said about someone who can beat all levels)

    Overall, game is entertaining, educating and from my personal opinion, it might be great for kids.

    Check it out here

    App Store Link

    Video Trailer

    App Screen Shot 1

    App Screen Shot 2

    Posted 6 years ago #

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