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To smile

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  1. fangfang22

    <p>a Asan wounded ,zebra, her husky voice to sing a love ran aground also work hard to disguise themselves , so do strong , the window of love in the end to decorate the many beautiful and flashy colorful scenery ? that once touched each other's promises , empty promises of love has become an old can not be honored , is dumping the sweet , vanished when love death . Love the shelf life ? Deterioration at a time ? Love will get old and can not dazzling , the only thing to do can only learn to go willingly accepted , can not change the fact that force is not to . What is love? Who can speak clearly , in the smoke and mirrors , dim , love no two people are no longer one, is divided into two ,ZEBRA, thought is no longer consistent with all the ideas have differences, there will be no crossover point . Often said that love is like fireworks, has beautiful bloom - in depleted when the wind Ashes to Ashes , an instant the eternal moment of the warm and partial count is to seek psychological balance of a self-comforting ? Love is not What is the moments of eternity ? always far ? no one will know better than instant gratification do not cry , do not poor Xixi do not need pity , you need to allow ourselves to learn to find their own paradise in pain ! smile, smile cover off his face beyond the tears , the tears can not be exchanged back to a passing situation will only become more pathetic in the eyes of others . Should humble begging in the field of love love, we are not beggars of love ! We do love the brave , not to do a puppet of love , it will lose self- love to learn to be brave and learn to face life , life fork to grasp the steering wheel, learn to grow up in defeat , learn self- appreciation , devaluation of their own do not love is just a movie , repeat play every day with different clips , some loss as the years , has little mottled , turn yellow of memory fragmentation, you are my life , not towards the end of the episode . some still gave birth to another kind of longing ,SYMBOL, nostalgia until toward the end of the emotion is still refurbished</p>相关的主题文章:

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