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Trap Master - Dragon's Treasure

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  1. conaman

    Trap Master - Dragon's Treasure

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    Raymond Jean is the retired army general of the most feared mercenary that led the victory of legendary battle of Caspioke Hill. Forty years after the battle, his bravery is now passed on as the most famous local folklore. Since the battle, however, Raymond Jean has led the careless life of debauchery and once the fearless hero has become a frail vagabond. No one could recognize this feeble and filthy old man as once the fierce worrier. Drifting from town to town as the wind led, he is now far away from his home where the people talked in a foreign tongue. The mysterious town he has arrived five days ago is called Draguegem. He hasn’t stepped out of a local tavern since his arrival and has been drinking himself to oblivion. On his sixth day at Draguegem, still nearly unconscious from the poison his been drinking, Raymond heard the valiant voice speaking in his native language. This adventurous young man was a treasure hunter. Few miles into the mountainous region of Draguegem existed a thousand year old dungeon which was guarded by a ferocious red dragon. Inside the dungeon was a treasure worth more than all the wealth in the world. For centuries, many brave adventurers went into the dungeon but no one has returned. In his drunken stupor, Raymond shouted he will go into the dungeon and return with treasures. Everyone in the tavern laughed at him. But, the man with the valiant voice noticed something different about Raymond and decided to bring him along. When the two arrived at the frightening looking gate of dungeon, they were swept by the sudden terror of imminent death. Before they had a chance to turn around, the land collapsed and fell into…

    - Three distinctive game play modes and more coming, soon
    - Supports three different languages (English, Korean, Japanese)
    - Easy-to-learn control style
    - Fun for all ages
    - Brain-stimulating puzzles with lots of actions
    - Many different traps including lightening, rolling stone, cannon, laser, and etc.
    - Five different background designs and more update coming, soon
    - Self-provided world ranking board
    - OpenFeint leader boards and achievements
    - Multiplayer support coming, soon

    - Choose from the three controller system
    - Avoid traps by moving Raymond away from moving traps
    - Collect treasures while avoiding traps
    - Beware of the sudden dragon attack when you fail to collect treasures
    - Post your high score on global ranking board and OpenFeint

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