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Where's my dollar? --Find Your Money!

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  1. chucky

    May Best Seek and Find game – Where’s My Dollar? If you've ever enjoyed a Where's Waldo, or really any other hidden object game on the App Store, Where’s My Dollar is a game you MUST HAVE on your device!

    Do you like picking up money? When it happens, do you feel happy and content like I do? When you find those green bills at street corners, on rooftops or in wall cracks, do you feel like you just had a fantastic day?
    The game is easy and fun: find the bill—pick it up—look for the next one! So what if it’s foggy? So what if leaves are falling all over the place? When you pick up bill after bill, doesn’t it give you a huge sense of accomplishment and joy?

    ★Reviewer Says
    GameLook: “You cannot miss the excellent experience of “Where is My Dollars” ”

    Tap Arcade: “The newest game that challenges and tests your keen judgment”

    AppFun: “Truly addicting…definitely one of the most fun hidden object games I’ve played on the iPad to date!”

    PocketJoy: “Unique game that should be in everyone’s collection”

    1. Personalized level design
    When a level is reached, scores will be calculated based on the time spent by player and the number of dollar bills found in order to enter the next level.

    2. Random new challenges
    The scattered dollar bills are all random, so every game is a brand new challenge. You will never be bored.

    3. Collectable level-clearance postcards
    Beautiful collectable postcards are given after each level is reached, and will give you a sense of accomplishment when done with the game.

    4. Interruptions make the game more fun
    Floating leaves and thick fog make the picture more real and increase the playability and difficulty of the game.

    5. A wonderful journey around the world
    Fantastic sound and perfect background make for a surreal feeling, which take you straight to six beautiful foreign countries.

    6. Easy props help you reach each level successfully
    Three game props of different functions are an important help for your world journey. They will appear when you most need them.

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