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WordWeaver Update is now available & more addictive then ever!

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  1. mini monster

    Mini Monster Media (MMM) are proud to announce a major update to its popular iPhone game WordWeaver. The latest version of this addictive crossover between a classic word creation game and an arcade puzzle is Open Feint enabled and supports global leader boards, accelerometer action, achievements and a host of cool new features, including Sacrificial Blades and Snake Gems. We the developers have a few other tricks up our sleeve but you will have to play the game to discover them.

    Launched two months ago, WordWeaver 1.0, which users described as “an excellent twist,” “a great challenge,” and “a fresh take on a classic,” introduced something unique to word creating games: a woven lattice board. Manipulating it reveals hidden letters, uncovers exciting bonuses and earns the player extra points. This smart innovation is what makes the game so addicting!

    MMM also would like to announce the release of WordWeaver Lite – a free edition of the game that provides one with a taste of the gameplay and leaves one instantly addicted and craving for more.

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