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Zombies go to the ball

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  1. everson

    Had a go now, it's pretty nice.

    So yeah, it's a bit like Cut the Rope in that you're, well, cutting ropes. Then the physics kick in and you just cut ropes some more to try and knock all the zombies down, with points for the force you use, how long the level takes and how many ropes you cut. Physics feel spot on aside from when a tiiiiiny touch knocks a zombie down, but that actually feels preferable from a gameplay perspective so it's never ever annoying.

    Rolling Fall combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate touch controls. It is easy to play, but difficult to get good points. Cut the shackles by simply swiping your finger across them to make the dangling iron balls fall and accurately, perfectly crush the zombies beneath. It’s not always easy because you have limited traps and some zombies are not so easily accessible. Think twice before you slice, or you will end up with target being missed. Every level is different. With levels and levels unlocked, crushing zombies won’t be that easy.

    Rolling Fall is not just about crushing zombies with traps. In order to get maximum points, you need to wipe the zombies out with the greatest hit in a shortest time. If you don’t take any action in a period of time, the zombies will yawn. Think wisely and be decisive.

    Super graphics! In Rolling Fall, zombies are dressed as factory workers, police etc. Besides dress, their hairstyle and facial expression vary in different levels, which adds more fun to the game.

    Nice sound effect. Every time you cut a shackle, a sound comes out vividly, as you were really cutting a shackle. And zombies utter shrill cries every time when they are crushed, which adds to the game’s animation and makes players exhilarating.

    Yet, there is one thing need to be improved. As you swipe your finger across a certain shackle, you may, accidently or by mistake, cut a nearby shackle. So be strategic and precise. Nevertheless, Rolling Fall is a nice game easy to take on but difficult to put down. Worth playing.
    Rolling Fall:

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