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May 30, 2009 by adgdm  
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About our game:
Blez is a simple yet challenging arcade game where you have to separate day and night. Blez has multiple levels. Each level completes when you separate nightly and daily skies. Next level always gets more challenging. This is not a race against the time game but the play time and the nick name of a player will be recorded at the end of the level. The game keeps a record of best performers. In options menu you can enable or disable sounds, touch/tilt and reset the score record. There is no age limitation for this game. It has simple objectives and easy controls.
The player controls the center divider with a touch or by tilting and allows clouds/stars to pass to the corresponding fields through the opening in center divider. Stars must go to the night field and clouds must go to the daylight field. Bounce back a star or a cloud when they are trying to leave their fields. Level completes when all stars are in the nightly sky and all clouds are in the daily sky. You will get more clouds and stars in the next level.
Update v1.1 includes
Multiple technical & graphical improvements.

Blez is 0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Developer Website:

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iMatchsticks by ADGDM

May 30, 2009 by adgdm  
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iMatchSticks description:
Logical game related to matches where you need to solve the tasks by manipulating with the sticks. A simple yet absorbing game that puts you against the iPhone. It is quite entertaining and it will boost the logic of the player. The game has no age restriction and can be played by anyone.
Each level has it’s own objective. It will ask the player to make certain number of matchstick movements to get a different shape or combination (Ex. Move 2 Sticks to make 3 squares out of 2 squares). The game ends with failed status when the number of allowed movements have been done in a wrong sequence. There is no hint or objective’s final view during the game. This will make the game more challenging and exciting. We have included 10 levels. Every next level will only be activated when the previous level is completed.

Update v1.2 includes
- five bonus levels
- undo functionality
- other technical and graphical improvements

iMatchsticks is 0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Developer Website:

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App review: iMatchSticks by ADGDM

May 7, 2009 by Jeff  
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imatchsticks3 150x150 App review: iMatchSticks by ADGDMiMatchSticks by ADGDM is a cool new puzzle game on the App Store. Many of us have played the matchstick style puzzle games, but now you can play them everywhere you go. There are 10 levels included in this version of iMatchSticks. Each level has it’s own objective. You start with an arrangement of matchsticks. What you need to do is rearrange the matchsticks into the pattern described in the objective within the allowed number of moves. An example would be “move five matchsticks to form two squares.”

Although iMatchSticks only has 10 levels, it will still take you a couple of hours to beat the game. The only complaint that have for iMatchSticks is that the directions are unclear about what to do when you first get started.  It is hard to figure out what to do. However, don’t get discouraged when you can’t beat a level on the first try.  Eventually you will get it. Some levels may take up to 20 minutes of trial and error to complete.

The fun doesn’t end when you finish the game, you can challenge your friends to see if they can figure out these awesome puzzles like you already have.  iMatchSticks is a great game to get you really thinking. This is one the hardest, and most fun puzzle games that I have played in a long time.

iMatchSticks is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

imatchsticks2 200x300 App review: iMatchSticks by ADGDMimatchsticks2 200x300 App review: iMatchSticks by ADGDM

Developer’s website:

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