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  • App Review: Earth Defender by Anima Entertainment

    September 1, 2010 by Dustin  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games, iPhone Apps

    Earth Defender 2 125x125 App Review: Earth Defender by Anima EntertainmentGet ready to defend the earth! This game brings back the classic feel of space invaders, but with a whole new twist! This game combines the new features of the iphone/ipod by using its multi-touch feature, graphics,animated backgrounds,and even the sound is great. The game soundtrack and audio matches the gameplay perfect with the sounds of explosions and weapon fire.

    You have six different levels with over 14 different types of enemies and seven unique boss levels and at the end of the game you have an end boss which is pretty challenging.  The way the game is played is by enemy ships of all sorts will attack earth which is located at the bottom of the screen, as they fly around in circles or attack head on you must protect your earths shield by tapping the enemies and using your weapon.

    You have a great deal of useful weapons from regular bombs to expolsive black holes that take out just about¬†everything. Alongside with your basic weapon you are allowed to have five nuclear bombs that destroy everything on the screen and give you a few second break. To active the nuclear bombs you must shake your device. The gameplay of the game is very put together and random, you never know what is next! Your first boss is called the “snake”. Each level you must destroy a certain part of the ship until you have torn it apart and can eliminate it with one shot. You must destroy the guns or torrents on the ship to cause its damage while they are shooting at your earths shields. I have had a lot of fun with this app and is one of my regular playing games. It brings a whole new meaning to space invaders and saving the earth from weird unknown space ships!

    Rating: 9/10

    What I do not like: I don’t like that it is too easy, could be a little more difficult.

    What I do like: Brings a whole new meaning to a classic game, fun to play and entertaining.

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