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    App Review: iSoccer Backstreet by Artificial Life, Inc.

    June 13, 2009 by Jeff  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Entertainment, Games, Sports

    isoccerbackstreet3 150x150 App Review: iSoccer Backstreet by Artificial Life, Inc.iSoccer Backstreet by Artificial Life, Inc. is an awesome game that will allow you to try and become the best street soccer player the world has ever seen. You start off by choosing the character that you would like to play as in the game. Then you begin your training to become the top soccer player. You start off with very simple challenges to complete, but as you go farther they become harder and take longer to complete. Some of these challenges are: juggle the ball for as long as possible, make a goal, and destroy objects by kicking a soccer ball at them.

    As you complete the challenges, you will unlock items that you can use to customize your player. These things include soccer balls, shirts, pants, and shoes. You can go onto the customization screen where you can change what your player is wearing. You can also unlock different tricks. After these are unlocked, you will be able to apply them during a challenge.

    If you feel like you need to practice your skills, but you don’t want to do it in Story Mode, you can use the Quick Play Mode. This mode allows you to play any of the challenges that you have already unlocked in Story Mode. The difference is that you don’t have to have a time limit in Quick Play. You can set the time to unlimited and then you can go and practice at your own speed.

    iSoccer Backstreet is an awesome way to go freestyle and try out your soccer skills. The controls differ with each and every challenge. They are always very easy to use and to figure out. This is one of the best freestyle games to ever touch the App Store.homebutton icon App Review: iSoccer Backstreet by Artificial Life, Inc.

    iSoccer Backstreet is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

    Developer’s Website:

    App Review: iDroidsMania by Artificial Life, Inc.

    May 23, 2009 by Bret  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

    idroids1 150x150 App Review: iDroidsMania by Artificial Life, Inc.iDroidsMania by Artificial Life, Inc. is a fun, unique platform game. You are HAXX, an iDroid that lives in iDroidOpia. You live a peaceful life until one day BAD RAMM steals your lovely wife and baby bots. You must travel through lands to save your family from being sold for scrap metal. Lucky for you, you have many utilities to help you on way.

    To begin, you have a grappling hook and your ability to jump. To move your iDroid, you have two options: touch controls, and accelerometer. Throughout the lands, weapons are randomly scattered. Some of these weapons include: Zappers, Bombs, and Goo Shields. These weapons are used to help you defeat your enemies. On the right side of the screen are your controls to jump and use your weapon. To change which weapon you are wielding, tap the indicator at the top right of the screen until it displays your desired weapon. Your default weapon, grappling hook, hurts you and your enemies. This hook attaches itself to your enemy, and overloads their power source to destroy them. This takes away part of your energy (life). As your energy begins to get low, there are recharge stations every so often to charge your internal power source. Approach this rejuvenator and select the indicated icon to recharge. After a few seconds you will be top quality and will be ready to go take out some enemies. As you defeat enemies, you gain points.

    As you travel through the levels, you will see your baby bots. To secure them, simply get near to them and they will follow you. Be aware of certain types of enemies that will scatter your bots. There are 11 levels overall with unique graphics and locations from the city, to the ocean, to the sewer. In arcade mode, you can play levels that you liked that you have previously beaten. Each of these locations has slightly different controls that are excellently presented at the beginning of each level. Throughout the game, there is occasionally a boss bad guy that you must defeat.

    iDroids is a great game with excellent controls, well designed levels, and nice looking graphics. This is the perfect game for anybody looking for an old school platform game with a unique theme.

    iDroidsMania is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

    Developer’s Website:

    App Review: Red Bull Air Race World Championship by Artificial Life, Inc.

    May 11, 2009 by Jeff  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Entertainment, Games

    redbullairrace3 150x150 App Review: Red Bull Air Race World Championship by Artificial Life, Inc.Red Bull Air Race World Championship by Artificial Life, Inc. is a fast paced airplane racing game. There are two different types of games to choose from, either Quick Flight or Season Mode. In Quick Flight, a track will be automatically picked, and you will then start your race. In Season Mode, you get to start a campaign to try and become the top Red Bull Racer. You can do either a short or a long season. The only difference is that one has more races than the other.

    The courses have been previously marked out with a series of Air Gates. There are four different types of Air Gates: Blue, Red, Quadro, and Chicane. Each of these represents a different way to pass through the gate. Blue gates you simply pass horizontally through.  With Chicane gates, you must weave in and out of a series of air gates. Red and Quadro require you to pass through vertically or to knife. To knife or fly vertically, all you need to do is turn in the desired direction and press the knife button in the bottom left corner. In between each of these gates are red indicators to let you know the correct speed and angle to fly your plane. If you fly too low or too high, you get penalty points that are added to your overall time at the end of the race.

    In the level editor mode, you can create your own outrageous courses and upload them online for others to play in the Lounge. You can also download levels created by other individuals. In the Hangar you can customize your plane from the internal details, to the paint job. All of these customization areas must be unlocked in the Season mode.

    If you want to learn more about Red Bull Air Racing, you can enter the race facts mode and check out pilots, plane styles, and the history of air racing. Whether you want to glide above the water’s surface, or shoot vertically into the air, this game is for you. The controls on this game are sensitive to maximize playability.

    Red Bull Air Race World Championship is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

    redbullairrace4 269x180 custom App Review: Red Bull Air Race World Championship by Artificial Life, Inc.redbullairrace1 269x180 custom App Review: Red Bull Air Race World Championship by Artificial Life, Inc.

    Developer’s Website:

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