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PackLeader K9 Trainer by AutoMagic Apps

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Train your dog the fun & effective way.

If your dog misbehaves by …

• Jumping up at people … Or on furniture …
• Being anti-social with other dogs …
• Barking at night …
• Taking YOU for a walk as if HE’s the boss …
• Ignoring your commands, whether you use bribes, assertiveness or threats …

You need this app!

• 15 professionally-shot video lessons which are simple, succinct & guaranteed to work
• Remote control has 15 commands & works similarly to a dog whistle
• Communicate with your dog silently – it’s a great party trick – as well as a genuinely useful feature for anyone with a speech impediment.

Video: http://packleader.automagicapps.com

Developer Website: http://packleader.automagicapps.com

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