App Review: Battle Shock by LunaSea Games

June 17, 2009 by Bret  
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battleshock2 150x150 App Review: Battle Shock by LunaSea Games Battle Shock by LunaSea Games is a great castle defense game in a whole new class from old castle defense games. You are a Fledgling Wizard who must defend you castle from the Hordes. You must use your finger to throw plasma balls at your enemies until you have enough money to buy archers and upgrade your magic. Rather than throw your enemy into the air, you kill them with these balls. If the Hordes get too close, your castle will be destroyed.

Battle Shock is a fun castle defense game because it is continuous. You upgrade your defenses when you want by pressing the pause button.  Other than that, the game is just pure fun. When you press the pause button, it will send you behind the castle. If you want an archer, press the target. This will bring up a layout of the possible archer locations. You can upgrade each of your defenses three times. Once you have enough money, you can buy shockwaves and last resorts. The shockwave is activated by holding your finger anywhere on the screen for one second. Upgrades will make this shockwave stronger to hurt more enemies. The Last Resort is a great weapon. If all feels lost and the enemy is destroying your castle, place two fingers on the castle to make it electric. This will kill the enemies, but unfortunately take a quarter of the enemies’ damage and affect your castle.

There are 100 waves and 10 types of enemies. This game throws you a twist because instead of a flat battle ground, there can be trees and rocks that neither the enemies nor you weapons can penetrate. This is a great castle defense game for anyone looking for a challenging good time.

Battle Shock is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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