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  • App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)

    August 27, 2009 by Rob  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Entertainment, Games, Staff Favorites

    p 480 320 7e849272 86c8 46fb a1c7 16273f64da81 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)We’re pretty much suckers here at AppChatter.com for puzzle games so when I saw Geared come to the App Store we just had to try it. Similar in style to many of the other “hand drawn graphics” puzzle games (like, Blocked), Geared is a new style of puzzle. The game reminds me a bit of Fantastic Contraption, but the whole premise is quite different. Your goal is to use the provided gears, place them on the screen to make all of the gears turn. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

    Actually, the first several levels are quite easy to complete. After a while of playing I was asking myself if the puzzles would get challenging or not. Adding gears into the screen and getting all the gears to turn seemed too easy, especially on the easy levels. However, once I got into the medium difficulty did things start to get a little challenging. Adding “no touch” zones to the screen makes it difficult to add gears where you want them, since the center of the gear cannot touch this area when you are moving them into place. The secret here is to drop the gear into place by holding the gear above the “no touch” zone then letting it drop. Hopefully it will land where you want, but if it doesn’t simply grab it and try again.

    Geared by Bryan Mitchell is a fun and addicting puzzle game that I’d recommend to anyone that likes puzzles (or rotating gears!). We found the game enjoyable and challenging to play for a wide range of audiences. Since the easy levels are quite easy children can solve them while adults will find the medium and difficult levels more their speed.


    1. Remeber that gears are subject to gravity.  So you can “drop” them into place.  This is especially helpful on levels that have the “no touch” zone.
    2. Use the gravity to stack gears where necessary, starting from the lowest on the screen.
    3. If a gear reaches the final one but doesn’t turn it, you may need to keep adjusting it just tiny bits until it does.

    p 480 320 beac34a8 1371 45ad 8962 14102b0c64b9 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)p 480 320 cabcdda8 59bf 4eeb bd10 2c1f6a9df556 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)

    Some Helpful Solutions

    We’ve had a lot of requests so here are Level’s 4 and 5 from Geared FREE:

    geared free level 4 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)geared free level 5 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)

    For gee wiz, here are Level’s 4 and 5 from Geared PAID:

    gearedlevel4 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)gearedlevel5 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)

    Geared PAID Level 44 and Level 45:

    geared1 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)geared2 200x300 App Review: Geared by Bryan Mitchell (with helps)

    App Review: ParkingLot vs. Blocked

    April 4, 2009 by Dorothy  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

    parkinglot2 150x150 App Review: ParkingLot vs. BlockedEver since I put the app Blocked on my iPod, I have been hooked.  The puzzles are fun and addicting.  Then, I discovered ParkingLot by quetouch.com.  I wasn’t sure that two apps so similar could share the top 100 apps list for long.  I guess I was wrong.  In fact, ParkingLot has been increasing in popularity and climbing the list while Blocked has been holding steady in the top 20.  So, I finally decided to take a look at it.

    ParkingLot is remarkably similar to Blocked.  The main differences that I noticed were the graphics, game sequence, and number of levels.  In Blocked, the graphics are very simple.  The game pieces are simply blocks.  ParkingLot has game pieces that are the same basic sizes and shapes.  However, they are cars instead of blocks.  The cars are a little more interesting to look at, I guess, but don’t really change anything.  The game board for each is even the same size.  The game play in Blocked proceeds from easy to hard.  You can jump around through the levels in a set difficulty level, but you must finish all the levels in that difficulty before you can unlock the next level.  ParkingLot, on the other hand, proceeds in a random fashion.  After you complete one level, that next is chosen at random.  You might get a really easy one or a really hard one.  ParkingLot does, however, offer more than 450 different puzzles to play.  Blocked has only 100.  This mere 100 will keep you busy for quite a long time, though, I might add.

    Both are well-written and have much to offer.  The differences are minimal in my mind.  I say, if you like one, you’ll like the other.  Neither one is expensive.  Why not get them both?

    ParkingLot is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

    parkinglot1 200x300 App Review: ParkingLot vs. Blockedparkinglot3 200x300 App Review: ParkingLot vs. Blocked

    Developer’s Website: www.quetouch.com

    App Review: Blocked by Joel Rosenberg

    February 17, 2009 by Dorothy  
    Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games, Staff Favorites

    Blocked is a puzzle game that is highly addictive.  If you like brain benders like me, you will love this one.  The object of the game is very simple.  Clear a path for the blue block to exit through the hole on the right side of the screen.  Accomplishing this task is another story altogether.   Each level presents you with a board with a few to several gray blocks and one blue block.  The blocks can only move horizontally or vertically in a lengh-wise direction.  You must figure out what combination of moves will get all of the gray blocks out of the way.  There are 5 levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, harder, and hardest).  You start with the easy levels, the first few of which are actually pretty easy.  It is not long, however, before they start taxing your brain, requiring you to think several steps ahead to achieve your goal.  Once you have completed the easy levels, the medium levels are unlocked and you can begin on those.  If you are having trouble completing a level, you can reset it back to its original state or simply skip to the next level and come back to it.

    blocked1 200x300 App Review: Blocked by Joel Rosenbergblocked3 200x300 App Review: Blocked by Joel Rosenberg

    I played this game with a five-year old, and he surprised me with his ability to catch on to the game.  The levels quickly got too difficult for him, but older children could definitely play and enjoy this one.  Blocked is frustrating fun for everyone.

    Blocked is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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