App Review: Flight of the Hamsters by Cartoon Network with Tips

August 7, 2009 by Dorothy  
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flightofthehamsters2 150x150 App Review: Flight of the Hamsters by Cartoon Network with TipsDid you enjoy shooting the cat through the air with Kitty Kannon?  If so, then you are sure to enjoy Flight of the Hamsters by Cartoon Network.  It features a new furry friend flying through the air.  Only this time there are no dogs to eat them or spikes to impale them.  See how long you can keep the hamsters in the air, before they crash land.  Or better yet, give them a softer landing with a skateboard.

While flight of the hamsters is similar to the cat in the cannon games that we are all familiar with, there are some differences, which I think make the game a little easier and more fun to play.  First, the cannon itself is gone.  The hamsters launch off a springboard.  Instead of swiping your finger across the screen to determine velocity and trajectory, you simply tap on the screen when the launch meter is as close to the middle as possible.  This method of launching seemed to yield a much more reliable result and was a lot less frustrating for me.

In the kitten games, once your cat was airborne, you had no control over their fate.  Flight of the Hamsters does not allow you much control, but does give you some.  You can tap the screen or tilt your device to help your hamster glide through the air.  On the right hand side of the screen is a glide meter.  When this meter is charged, you can glide.  Use this power carefully.  It gets used up quickly and is slow to recharge.  If you time it right, though, gliding can be very handy.

Scattered throughout the air are things that you can use to keep your hamster in the air longer.  These include rockets that propel him forward, hamster balls that allow him to bounce on the ground once, and skateboards that allow him to glide forward for a short distance on the ground.  To pick up these items, your hamster must actually touch them in the air, which can be tricky.  Most of the items that I picked up were just luck.  If you can learn to control your hamster with the coasting, you can be very successful.  Most of the items you pick up are used immediately, but the skateboards can be picked up and stored for later use.  Skateboards appear in the upper right corner of the screen and can be used by tapping on them when your hamster is touching down.

If your first flight is not great, don’t worry.  Each round in this game consists of 5 hamster flights.  So, you have 5 attempts to get a good score.  At the end, you are given the total for all five flights.  The app also keeps track of the best score for a single flight and the best score based on a round of five flights.

While not the best game in the iTunes App Store, Flight of the Hamsters is entertaining and fun.  In my opinion, it is an improvement on many games of its type.

Flight of the Hamsters Tips:

  • Flying your hamster really high is not always the best strategy.  Height does not necessarily equal distance, and all of the tools to keep your hamster in the air are located at lower altitudes.
  • Landing your hamster with a skateboard can be a HUGE help.  More than once, my hamster glided forward on a skateboard into a springboard that launched him back into the air.  It can be one of your best tools.

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