App Review: Minigore by Chillingo Ltd. with Tips

August 2, 2009 by Dorothy  
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minigore1 150x150 App Review: Minigore by Chillingo Ltd. with TipsMinigore by Chillingo Ltd. is a 3D survival shooter game featuring a small little fellow by the name of John Gore.  John finds himself in the middle of nowhere, but he is not alone.  Strange little creatures called furries are all around him.  Unfortunately, the furries have extremely sharp teeth and would like nothing better than to feast on him.  You play the part of John Gore and must defend yourself from the furries or they will get you.

The controls for this game are unique and ingenious.  They operate like two joysticks; one controls your movements and the other the direction in which you shoot.  Each joystick is represented on the screen by a circle that follows your finger movements within a larger circle.  Each time you touch the firing joystick, your gun fires in the direction that you press it.  You have unlimited ammo to shoot the furries, so don’t worry about wasting it.  Because of this two joystick system, you can shoot in one direction while running in another; a must to survive a game of Minigore.  This dual joystick approach to movement and gun control offers great flexibility in the game but also takes a little getting used to.  However, once you have the controls down they are actually superbly done.

The graphics in Minigore are also pretty amazing.  You have a limited amount of space to wander in.  The landscape is dotted with 3 dimensional rocks, shrubs, and trees.  Be careful of spending much time around these areas of the screen.  Sometimes you can lose John in the forest or get a surprise attack from furries you never even saw approaching.

As you kill furries, they sometimes leave a four-leaf clover or other prize behind.  If you collect 3 four-leaf clovers, you can turn yourself into a monster that can destroy the attacking furries.  You can also get upgrades to your weapon.  There are 4 different types of furries to encounter.  At first, all you meet are little mini furries that are easily killed.  Then, they begint to get bigger.  These larger furries break into smaller and smaller furries as you shoot them.  The hardest ones to kill, though, are the fiery furries.  Mostly, this is because they can easily outrun you.  You have to get them quickly.

Once you get a good handle on the game, you can shock the online leaderboards with your high scores.  Minigore is equipped with Open Feint.  You can also enable the expert mode.  I found that the regular mode was quite challenging, in and of itself.  Overall, Minigore is a fun game with amazing graphics and great controls that will keep you busy for hours.  I wouldn’t change anything except for making the playing field bigger.

Minigore Tips

  1. If you’re not yet used to the dual joystick controls (one for movement and the other for shooting), you need to practice and get used to them.  This takes just a bit of practice but once you have it down the controls are excellent (this game wouldn’t be nearly as good if it wasn’t implemented with dual joystick controls.
  2. To fend off the Furries you are better off staying to open, well-lit areas of the playing field.  Wandering behind trees and other objects makes it difficult to detect when an attach is occuring.
  3. The Furries have sharp teeth.  The Furries have SHARP teeth.  You die quickly if you let the Furries bite you, so don’t let them get close to you at all. Run and keep shooting.
  4. Beware of the Furries that attack you from the bottom of the screen.  Since they are looking away from you (but towards John Gore, your character), you can’t see their faces and they can be tricky to spot at first.
  5. Don’t try to outrun the fiery Furries.  You can’t.  Better aiming with your gun is your only defense here.
  6. You have unlimed ammo.  So don’t be afraid to use it. Just keep shooting.
  7. Once you pickup three of the four-leaf clovers you turn into a monster yourself.  At this point you cannot be killed by the Furries but the Furries die as soon as you touch them.  So find them and kill them!
  8. The big Furries turn into many, littler Furries when you shoot them.  Just keep shooting… although some running is likely required.

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App Review: Knights Onrush by Chillingo Ltd.

June 27, 2009 by Dorothy  
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knightsonrush1 150x150 App Review: Knights Onrush by Chillingo Ltd.Knights Onrush by Chillingo Ltd. is a great castle defense game.  It reminded me a lot of Stick Wars in that you defend your castle from attackers by flicking them high in the air.  In this game, however, Chillingo takes this basic idea and makes it something much bigger.  The graphics are great and instead of just flicking stick men into the air, you are fighting knights and swordsmen.

There are three play modes to the game.  The first is Campaign Mode.  It this mode there are many different levels.  Each one is different.  When you enter a level, you are given the task to defend that castle for a certain number of days.  Some of the castles already have some defenses in place such as fireballs, while others simply have a gate to defend.  The second mode is Endless Siege.  This mode is just what the name seems to indicate.  The waves of attackers are endless.  The third mode is Madness.  Again, the name is very fitting.  Once you think you have a grip on the game, give it a try.  It is a real challenge.

At the end of each day’s fighting, you can take the points and the sacrifice points that you have earned and use them in the Castle Shop to upgrade your castle and its defenses.  You can buy upgrades for your castle gate or buy weapons, boulders, or fireballs to help you defend it.  Points are earned by killing the oncoming waves of attackers.  Sacrifice points are earned by sacrificing your attackers to the Dragon or dropping them into the Hell Gate.  Both of these tasks can be difficult to accomplish when you are fighting so many attackers at once because they require a little more time and effort than a simple flick into the air does.  However, there are many things in the Castle Shop that require both points and sacrifice points to buy.

Knights Onrush is a fun and challenging game that will keep you coming back for more.  The graphics are great and with so many castles to defend, it has great replay value.  The app keeps track of your scores.  So, you can go back and try to beat them.  You can also submit them to a global score board and see how your scores compare with the those of everyone else.

Knights Onrush is on sale for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Developer’s Website:

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