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World Weather Compare by Chris Lewis

April 23, 2012 by via_web  
Filed under App DB, Travel

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 World Weather Compare by Chris Lewis

Ever wondered where the best weather is!? Ever asked yourself questions such as “Where is the SUNSHINE?” or “Where is it NOT raining?” Or maybe your just curious as to what it’s like the other side of the globe OR maybe just a bit jealous of some of the lucky earthlings who have their weather of choice all year round…!

Well here you have it; with the World Weather Compare app, you can now easily compare the weather forecast of up to THREE SEPARATE LOCATIONS across the Globe!!

Whether your going far, far away, planning a short vacation, off to a festival, on a business trip or just flying south for the winter, have some fun comparing forecasts on this NEW and completely FREE app courtesy of the creative Chris Lewis & Jamie Pethick!

World weather compare is the ONLY app currently available, which allows you to easily compare any 1, 2 or THREE Cities across the globe at any one time! Take a look at the screen shots to understand further the simplicity and ease of use this app brings to you!

Follow us on Facebook.com/worldweathercompare or even visit our original website, where the inspiration came for the creation of this wonderful FREE app! www.worldweathercompare.co.uk

Developer Website: http://www.worldweathercompare.co.uk

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