App Review: Angry Birds by ClickGamer

February 19, 2010 by Rob  
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angrybirds29 300x200 App Review: Angry Birds by ClickGamerThere’s something addicting about launching various bird types from a slingshot in an attempt to hit some green pigs. That is exactly what Angry Birds by ClickGamer is all about. The whole premise is that the green pigs have stolen their eggs (hence, they’re angry) so now it’s revenge time – but with your help.

Angry Birds consists of two worlds and more levels than most other puzzle or physics games in the App Store – more than enough to keep you busy for hours. The complexity of each level increases steadily but so does the capabilities of the angry birds that you propel at them. At first, you just launch a red bird that has not special powers, but later on you get a blue bird that when you tap the screen (while in flight) the bird splits into three. Then there’s the bomb bird, he’s black, which when you touch the screen he blows up. He’ll also blow up after he’s hit the ground. This guy is probably the most effective bird to launch (and the most fun) since he does the most damage to the pigs’ side.

As previously mentioned, the object here is to launch birds and the green pigs. If you hit a pig he pops, he’ll also pop when the surrounding debris hits him. You progress to the next level once all of the green pigs have been eliminated. You may need to get creative to ensure you can pop all the pigs before running out of birds to sling at them though. Also, you can restart any level at any time and as many times as it takes to pass it.

Angry Birds is a great, fun physics game similar to Ragdoll Blaster. We’ve been enjoying it for several days now and I find myself addicted to it. My 5yo son also really enjoys it and giggles and laughs as he plays it. If you’re a fan of physics style games (like Ragdoll Blaster) then this one is a must. Highly recommended.

What We Liked: Fun and addicting physics style game, price is right.
What We Didn’t Like: Some levels will take you many, many tries to clear it – this can get a little old and boring.

App Review: The Wars by with Tips

August 11, 2009 by Bret  
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thewars3 150x150 App Review: The Wars by with TipsThe Wars by is an awesome game that will have you addicted for days. The goal of the game is to take out your enemy’s base. That seems simple enough, but what about when they are stronger, they have more money, and they have turrets.  It gets a little more difficult.

You begin the game with 150 gold pieces, no experience, and very low tech cavemen. Your base is positioned on the left side of the screen. To get warriors, you must buy them with your gold. For every enemy that your warriors kill, they get the money that the enemy was worth. So if a club holder is killed, the team that killed him would receive 15 gold pieces because that is how much gold it cost to buy him. Besides the ability to just buy men, you can buy turrets and additional turret stands. When you buy a warrior, they exit your base and head towards the enemy’s base.  If an enemy comes between your warrior and their base, he will attack them until he dies or until the enemy dies.

Every so often the enemies will destroy you and cause you to run out of money. In these situations, you must use your special weapon. The special weapon is a powerful attack that devastates your enemy’s warriors.  It is an attack the moves across the whole screen and hits enemies at random. This attack does not necessarily kill every enemy, but it can help turn the tables in your favor. The special attack does not cost money, but it does take a long time to reload. The turrets can also be a miracle during devastating times. It fires continuously once the enemies are in range until they are killed. Turrets are very expensive and can be very useful when the game gets tough. After you kill a lot of enemies, your base will be able to be upgraded. First you start with a caveman cave, then you move to a castle, and eventually you have nuclear robots. Just be sure to watch for the meter next to your money to blink with a small exclamation point.  This exclamation let’s you know you are ready to upgrade.

There are 3 levels of difficulty.  Each is fun to play and play again. With most games, once you beat an easy level it is no longer fun. I like to play on the easy level to see how bad I can devastate my enemy. The hard difficulty is harder in the sense that your enemies can kill you faster than you can kill them, and they begin to be more strategic in their attacks.

The Wars is a perfect remake of the online version I used to love. The graphics are great and the game play is smooth. I would recommend this game to anyone. For only a dollar, it is a steal. An update is on the way to offer ten difficult game levels and more defensive weapons. One thing I would very strongly suggest to the developer is to make a multiplayer mode over WiFi and Bluetooth.  A multiplayer mode would be very fun and add a lot of possibilities for long car rides.

The Wars Tips:

  1. The most important thing I have learned is to save your money. It looks tempting to buy the shiny turret, but after one upgrade, these turrets have no affect on your enemies.
  2. Place warriors that can throw things behind direct contact warriors. Warriors that throw things have weak armor and can easily be destroyed, but they blow a punch with every throw.
  3. Upgrade as soon as possible. This will make you substantially stronger than your enemy if only for a minute or two.

Developer’s Website:

App Review: Cocoto Kit for Kids by

August 1, 2009 by Dorothy  
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cocotokitforkids1 150x150 App Review: Cocoto Kit for Kids by Clickgamer.comEvery parent has been in the situation before where you are waiting in line at the DMV or getting your car fixed at the shop and your little one is going crazy.  Bored to tears, they cry and fuss and touch things they shouldn’t.  Cocoto Kit for Kids by is a great solution to this boredom.  The app contains 6 different games for kids ages 3-6 years old.  I tried it out on a five year old with pleasing results.

The first game is a simple balloon popping game.  See how many bright-colored balloons you can pop.  Each time you touch a balloon, it will pop with a simple noise and animation.   The second game requires you to match shapes and colors.  The game presents a shape at the top of the screen with a colored outline.  There are three choices of shapes at the bottom of the screen.  Find the correct one to move on to the next shape.

The next two games allow for a little more creativity.  One is a simple drawing app.  Below a blank canvass, there are 2 tools with which to create a picture.  You can use the pencil to draw lines or the hand to splash paint in random patterns or shapes.  There is also a camera tool.  If you tap on the camera, it takes a picture of your drawing and saves it to the camera roll.  The second app presents blank pictures that you can paint by tapping on a paint color at the bottom of the screen and then on a section of the picture.  This will fill that section of the picture with the color you chose.

The fifth app presents you with random pictures.  When you interact with the picture by shaking the device, tapping, or rubbing across the picture, it presents a surprise.  The picture will change and will often start making noise.  This app was our child’s favorite feature.  I can see it being a hit with even very young children.

The last app is a matching app.  Each game consists of 12 cards that have colorful and unique pictures on them.  The game defaults to allowing an unlimited number of guesses and an unlimited amount of time to complete the game.  By tapping on the “i” on the first page of the app, you can set time limits for games and view the game stats.

The five year old we tried the Cocoto Kit for Kids on, liked it a lot.  He did not need any help figuring out any of the games.  They were very intuitive and similar to other games he had played on the computer.  The graphics are all very cute and colorful.  There is always something going on to keep short attention spans captivated.  Overall, a great app for keeping young ones entertained.

Developer’s Website:

Space Falcon Commander by Rapid Turtle Games

June 20, 2009 by Rob  
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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Space Falcon Commander by Rapid Turtle Games

Space Falcon Commander is an arcade, vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up type of game with lots of arcade fun, adrenaline pumping action and online “Hall of Fame” where you can compete against other Space Falcon Commander players around the world!

You are in the role of an elite commander controlling an advanced space fighter: the Space Falcon. You must stand as one-against-many strange aliens invading the universe. It’s a simple plot of the game, but it is made with gameplay as the most important factor in mind.

The game features 3D graphics, wide range of explosions, high quality music and sound effects, lots of bonuses and power-ups. Stand as one against wide range of aliens, mini-bosses and big bosses in more than 45 levels. Lots of arcade fun – guaranteed!

Space Falcon Commander is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Developer Website:

7509 sfc iphone screenshot02 Space Falcon Commander by Rapid Turtle Games7509 sfc iphone screenshot06 Space Falcon Commander by Rapid Turtle Games

App Review: Dragon Panic by

June 11, 2009 by Jeff  
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dragonpanicsquare1 150x150 App Review: Dragon Panic by Clickgamer.comDragon Panic by is a cool retro style game. The object of the game is to keep your dragon alive for as long as possible. You do this by shooting the objects that are falling towards the ground where your dragon is. You need to shoot these objects before they hit either the ground or your dragon. If they hit the ground, then they will make the ground break open exposing the lava. Your dragon will now be incapable of walking on the place with the broken ground. If a falling object hits your dragon, your dragon will die. You tap to shoot fireballs at falling objects and you tilt to move your dragon to avoid obstacles.

Dragon Panic is an awesome game with cool graphics. The only complaint that I have is that you can only shoot at one angle. Your bullets will go either left or right at a set angle. Apart from that, Dragon Panic is a cool game that will entertain you for hours.

Dragon Panic is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

dragonpanic1 269x180 custom App Review: Dragon Panic by Clickgamer.comdragonpanic2 269x179 custom App Review: Dragon Panic by

Developer’s Website:

App Review: Tankz by

June 9, 2009 by Bret  
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tankz2 150x150 App Review: Tankz by Clickgamer.comTankz by is an awesome tank game where you drive around shooting enemies, collecting flags, and flying through the air with the help of a jump pad. The goal of this game is to collect the amount of flags indicated on the top left of the screen without being obliterated by enemy tanks and turrets. The 3D levels with multiple heights provide a real challenge and entertainment.

You control your tank with the joy stick and tilt your device to turn. To help you evade your enemies, you have two types of weapons, rockets and bullets. The weapons are located on the right side of the screen, and the amount of bullets lefts for each is right above that. In each level you have three lives. Scattered throughout the levels are bullets and rockets. There are two types of pads, jumping and booster. The jumping pad launches you into the air, and the booster pad gives you health.

There are three types of tanks with well designed graphics and movement. There are two difficulties to accommodate players of all levels. There are two game modes, best time, and best score. In the best time mode, you race the clock to see how fast you can collect all of the flags. In the best score mode, you must collect the flags and destroy enemies for points. Once you are satisfied with your personal best, you may submit it to the online scoreboard to see how you rank.

Tankz is a great game with smooth, realistic controls, and amazing graphics. This is a great game for anyone with some time to kill.

Tankz is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Developer’s Website:

Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios

May 30, 2009 by Rob  
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Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios

Hacker Evolution for the iPhone and iPod challenges you to become a computer hacker.
Go against a network of computers and try to hack into as many computers as possible.
Use viruses or bounce your connection through hacked servers, in order to avoid being traced and lose your firewall.

Something that looks simple at first, will become a challenging adventure. Balance your
resources carefully and plan your attacks to obtain the maximum number of score points and to retrieve deadly viruses you can use in your attacks.

Hacker Evolution is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Developer Website:

hackerevolution Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios

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